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molding paste

scent- dewberry

simply the best paste ever invented. all-day moveable hold that's strong enough for any hair, it's not quite matte, allowing visual texture to show.

2oz- $32


scent- burnt vanilla

medium hold light sheen styling cream/ wax that allows you many options: slick, messy, classic, lived-in- it's up to you/

2oz- $32

grooming butter 

scent- burnt vanilla

this light hold detailing/ finishing cream goes in like butter and leaves your hair frizz-free and with amazing detail and longevity to curl or wave. use it on day 2 to reactivate your curling iron set or to smooth some flyaways. every girl needs this product.

*mix in a drop of silk nectar for the most amazing shine and detail on longer looks

2oz- $32

mist wax 

scent- burnt vanilla

lightly mist into dry, finished hair and scrunch, run your fingers through or tousle for sexy detail with a little hold. try spraying a little into your hands and applying that way as well.

125ml- $29

finish spray 

scent- watermelon

lightly mist into dry, finished hair for medium hold without stiffness. or try it as a blow-out spray by misting into damp hair and blowdrying for volume, control and curl memory

250ml- $27

shaping mist 

scent- berry

lightly mist into finished styles for long-lasting hold. adjustable nozzle allows you to set the strength of the spray. mist on a second layer a few seconds after the first for added hold.
300ml- $30


scent- powder

this is the ultimate in "dry shampoo." Spray this aerosol into your flat or oily roots for volume. everyone loves this product.

175ml- $39