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calming creme

scent- tropical breeze

super concentrated cream for controlling frizzy hair and for smoothing hard to control hair. Imparts incredible shine, humidity resistance, and softness into hair. Use a small amount before drying and an even smaller amount on finished hair.

150ml- $34


incredible volume mist 

scent- signature musk

amazing volume spray that allows you to put it exactly where you need it. use a little for some added foundation to your style or use a lot to really bulk up your hair and have it last all day.

60ml- $10
250ml- $29


creme for curl and volume

scent- green apple

an incredible product, this creme explodes your wavy hair into curls, and keeps them defined and frizz-free. Or use it as a blow-out cream for amazing volume, control and wave retention. Truly a does-it all product. apply to damp hair and blow-dry, curl or diffuse..

150ml- $34

beach bum 

scent- ocean breeze

loaded with minerals and sea salt, this mist gives you beachy waves and seperation and texture in your hair. mist in damp hair and lightly scrunch or air dry for sexy, messy looks or mist through and blowdry for added support to your styling.

60ml- $10 
250ml- $29

miracle potion 

scent- signature miracle aroma 

an incredible product, this gel-like potion is loaded with organic oils, mica and tropical extracts, allowing you to create absolutely any kind of look you could imagine. curl, smooth, volume- it's up to you.

*mix in a little miracle serum for incredible, smooth and nourishing blowouts.
125ml- $29


smoothing serum 

scent- citrus fruits

wonderful leave-in conditioner/ moisturizer that calms curl and helps keep hair lustrous and shiny. use before blowdrying and ironing for a weightless silkiness.

60ml- $9 

250m- $29


remedy serum scent- dewberry

this incredible serum works like a leave-in treatment as well as a styling product. with just the smallest amount of hold and the perfect amount of infused proteins, amino acids and vitamins, remedy has been clinically proven to help repair split ends and heal damaged hair.

125ml- $18
250ml- $30

silk nectar 

scent- vanilla

amazing oil that speeds up your drying time, makes hair feel silky and smooth, adds shine and softness. also works to smooth finished looks. this silk protein oil can be added to any product in our line to add an unparallelled level of shine and silkiness.

use on wet or dry hair.

*can also be used as a finishing product

60ml- $29


coconut milk 

scent- coconut

an incredible product that does so many things, this light mist softens, detangles, can add volume, details curl, reactivates yesterdays style, prolongs colour, protects hair from heat styling and is a sunscreen for your hair and scalp.

250ml- $25

miracle serum 

scent- signature miracle aroma

does everything that silk nectar does and more. exotic rainforest oils help to restore moisture and conditions frizz.

*can also be used as a finishing product

60ml bottle- $36


miracle mist 

scent- amazon musk

detangles, conditions, shines, nourishes, protects from sun damage. It's a miracle.

250ml- $40

miracle shimmer 

scent- signature miracle aroma

incredible spray product cuts blow-dry times in half, makes hair glisten and shine and seals hair from humidity. Use it sparingly on damp or dry hair.

*can also be used as a finishing product
125ml- $30